Map of York

This map of York, together with your travel insurance and passport, is one of the things that you should always have on you during a trip to England. It is very useful for any traveller who wants to gather the essential data about his trip (travel insurance expenses, car hire services in the area, the location of affordable hotels and the location of train stations or airports) before he reaches his destination. One of the main advantages in using this map of York is the high level of detail, which makes a great travel organizer. Using this map of York helps you enjoy a care-free vacation in this beautiful English county.

York is a popular walled city. It is situated strategically where the Ouse and Foss rivers meet in North Yorkshire, England. This city is very rich in heritage considering that it basically provides the picture of the major political events that shaped the nation. It has been in existence for almost two centuries that its historical past brings forth a lot of significant developments.

Map Of York

Because of its rich history, the city offers its wealth of historical tourist attractions and one of the most famous is the York Minster. Apart from that, it also showcases a variety of cultural and sporting activities that make a lot of visitors come back.

It was known that the Romans were the ones who founded the city in AD 71. In fact, York became the capital of the Roman province named Britannia Inferior. York grew to be the trading capital of wool and at the same time, it was found to be the capital of the province of the rising Church of England.

The railway network and the confectionary manufacturing in York was put into place in the 19th century. From the domination of the confectionary and railway-related services to one that provides various services. The University of York and its health services have provided jobs to a lot of people. In fact, this is the industry that has created a lot of jobs for a lot of different people.

While tourism has become an important part of the local economy, the health care services has employed a good number of people for the past several years. The industry itself in York continues to grow. City of York means a unitary authority area which means it includes areas beyond the boundaries of the old city.

By 2001, the urban areas of York had an estimated population of 137,505 while the unitary authority in 2010 showed a population of 202,400.