Map of Wrexham

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This is a map of Wrexham. This map can provide you with a general knowledge of the streets, roads, motorways, landmarks and regional divides of the area.

Map Of Wrexham

Wrexham is a town in Wales. Out of the whole area that makes up the northern region of Wales, it’s also the largest town in said region. The town is also Wrexham County Borough’s administrative centre, and resides just to the east of the county borough. Wrexham sits between the lower section of the Dee Valley and the Welsh Mountains, bringing it somewhat near the border of Cheshire, England.

The major centre of North Wales’s educational, commercial and retail infrastructures are in Wrexham, due to the fact that it is the largest town in the region. The total population for Wrexham Centre was 42,576 according to the United Kingdom’s 2001 Census. The same census measured a total population of 63,084 for the major section of the Wrexham Urban Area, which had been defined by the National Statistics Office.

The Wrexham County Borough holds a total population of approximately 130,000 people in an area totalling 50,500 hectares. Wrexham is still town as a town, despite applying for a city status a total of 3 times since the start of the 21st century, On the occasions of the Queens Diamond and Golden Jubilees as well as to mark the new Millennium.

In 2012 St Asaph, which was already considered a ceremonial city was granted city status, which in turn lead to the announcement that Wrexham had missed out on city status again. This lead to a report being a issued to study whether a city region should be encompassed, which if it did, would include Deeside, Chester and Wrexham.