Map of Wokingham

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Wokingham is known as a civil parish and market town located within Berkshire, which itself is in the South East of England. London lies around 53 km to the east of Wokingham. Seven miles southeast of Wokingham is Reading, while of Bracknell lies three miles to the east. It covers about 557 acres and has an estimated population of just over 30,400 people based on the 2011 census.

Map Of Wokingham

Wokingham is the Wokingham Borough’s seat, Wokingham basically covers part of Reading and Wokingham Urbanised Area. In the past, Wokingham Parish is a broken off portion of Wiltshire County. It was an exclave of Wiltshire before 1844. Its border (specifically the west side) used to be 30 miles wider. The Counties Act of 1844 paved the way to its transfer as a part of Berkshire.

Wokingham was formerly regarded as a borough, until 1974 when the government enacted a redistribution of local governments. Post 1975, the borough was merged with the Rural District of Wokingham, forming a greater area known as Wokingham District. The area known as the Wokingham borough was renamed to as the Wokingham Town, yet the mayor was kept.

In March 2007, the area was granted borough status, after the district council requested that they be recognised as one. Currently, the area which is regarded as the district, practically covers the area from the southwest area bordering Hampshire, to the borders at the north which meet Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Brick-making used to be the industry that brought life to Wokingham. Yet, through the change of time, it was able to give way to the establishment of newer industries such as the development of various software servicing industries and engineering industries, specifically light engineering.