Map of Wiltshire

This map of Wiltshire clearly presents this southern province of England and its surroundings so that the traveller can easily organize his trip or locate his travel interest. Travelling within the province can be done by car, by train or bus. You can find a good car hire service close to your hotel and, guided by this map of Wiltshire, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of this district. This map of Wiltshire also allows you to visit the surrounding districts because they are depicted in detail on the map.

Wiltshire or popularly known as County of Wilts is a ceremonial county located at the South West England. It borders in the counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, , Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset and Somerset. It is landlocked too. It comes with the Swindon unitary authority and covers a land area of 3,485 sq km. The county town was known as Wilton but the Wiltshire County Council since the 1930s has been based in Trowbridge.

Map Of Wiltshire

The county is characterised by its wide valleys and high downland. The Salisbury Plain has become popular as the location of Avebury stone circles and Stonehenge. A lot of tourists come to see the ancient landmarks specially since it became the main training area of the British Army of the UK. The mediaeval cathedral has become a notable part of the city of Salisbury.

The county has also opened the doors of its county houses including the National Trust's Stourhead which is near Mere and Longleat which is just near Warminster. Wiltshire has been notable because of its pre-Roman archaeology. He people during the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age built settlements in the downland and hills that cover most of Wiltshire. In fact, the Avebury and Stonehenge are considered as two of most popular Neolithic sites in United Kingdom.

About two thirds of the land area of Wiltshire remain to be part of the rural county lies on the soft, white porous limestone or more popularly referred to as chalk. It is resistant to erosion making it one of the most desirable chalk lands in England. Along with the other counties in South West England, residents of Wiltshire enjoy a temperate climate that is generally wetter.