Map of West Yorkshire

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West Yorkshire is one of the metropolitan counties within the Yorkshire and the Humber region in England. It has an estimated population of about 2.2 Million. It was in 1874 when this metropolitan county came to its existence after the Local Government Act 1972 was passed.

Map Of West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is composed of five metropolitan boroughs is landlocked. It shares borders with the counties of Greater Manchester in the south-west, Derbyshire to the south and Lancashire in the north-west, South Yorkshire on the south-east and North Yorkshire to the north and east.

West Yorkshire County Council in 1986 was abolished and so the districts that were under it, particularly the metropolitan boroughs, have become a unitary authority. Yet, the metropolitan county which basically covers about 2,029 sq. km continues to exist and is used as a geographic frame of reference.

West Yorkshire covers the West Yorkshire Urban Area which is considered as one of the most built-up urban areas within the historic county boundaries of Yorkshire. The county itself originally had a two tier structure of local government which was strategic at that time.

The Wakefield’s Parish Church was recognized as a cathedral in 1888. Upon its elevation to Wakefield diocese, the Wakefield Council sought recognition for a city status which was granted in July of 1888. However, the Industrial Revolution brought about significant changes to both the West and South Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire is known for its oceanic climate which is very similar to that of the United Kingdom. It tends to have collar air compared to the other countries further south. With its governance, there are plans for a tram system to be implements in Yorkshire but nothing definite has been done yet.