Map of West Sussex

If you want to be sure that you don’t miss any of the tourist attractions of West Sussex, the best way to travel within the province is by car. This map of West Sussex will help you orientate around this large province. If you are unable to use your own car, you can always find an affordable car hire service in the area. Either way, this map of West Sussex will be a great site locator in your journey because it illustrates the major cities of the province and their surroundings, as well as the connections between them. You will find this map of West Sussex a loyal companion during your trip.

The county of West Sussex is located at the south of England. It borders the East of Sussex along with the county of Brighton and Hove, Surrey and Hampshire. Its origins are rooted to the Kingdom of Sussex along with the county of the East of Sussex. In the beginning, Sussex was composed of six different units called rapes. Its constitution changed in the beginning of the 16th century.

Map Of West Sussex

Later on, the rapes were grouped into threes each one conducting their own quarterly sessions. This separation or so-called groupings were done informally until they were administered as two separate administrative councils in 1888. West Sussex gained is recognition as a ceremonial county in 1974 through the Local Government Act released two years earlier. It was also during the same year when the rape of Lewes, which basically covered the district of Mid Sussex, was handed over to be part of the West Sussex. It covered several different districts including Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath.

The county of West Sussex is characterized by beautiful, breath-taking sceneries including Downland and Wealden. It also offers a spectacular coastal area alluring more and more people to come and visit. It also offers a variety of structurally good looking state houses like Goodwood, Uppark, Petworth House alongside the castles such as that of the Bramber and Arundel. Over half of the county is considered a protected area, most of which are part of the countryside.

People who go to West Sussex seek various recreational activities including biking, cycling and walking the lands of the protected areas. Chichester is the only city and considered a county town of West Sussex.