Map of West Lothian

Notice that on this map of West Lothian, all the major cities of the province and their surroundings are carefully drawn. This map of West Lothian, together with your travel insurance and passport, is one of the things that you should always have on you during a trip to Scotland. The surrounding districts are also included in detail, which makes this map of West Lothian the perfect companion if you want to tour the surrounding regions.

This is map of West Lothian should provide you with a general understanding of the roads, streets, motorways and landmarks within the county.

Map Of West Lothian

West Lothian is a county in Scotland, prior to 1921 West Lothian was known as Linlithgowshire, or the County of Linlithgow. The county is a Lieutenancy areas as well as a Land Register county.

West Lothian has a total area of 427km squared (165 square miles) and ranks 20th in that regard. In terms of population, the county is ranked 9th. Its total population is a little over 172,000. The county holds six Burghs, two of which fall outside the West Lothian unitary council areas.