Map Of Wales

This is a map of Wales. This map will show you any provincial and regional divides, as well as any roads, motorways, streets and landmarks within the country.

Wales is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. It also shares the island of Great Britain with England, as well as sharing a large part of its borders England too. On top of sharing a large part of its borders with England, it also has borders connected to the Irish Sea, as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

Map of Wales

In 2011 it was recorded to have a population of just over 3,050,000 people. Its total area is just under 20,800 km squared (8000 square miles). The coastline of Wales measures at 1,200 km (750 miles) and the geography of the county is highly mountainous. The highest peaks in the country can be seen in the central and north areas, Including Snowdon, which is the country’s highest summit. The country has a changeable maritime climate as it lies in the north temperate zone.

Edward I of England set a conquest against wales, in 1282 Llywelyn ap Gruffydd’s death marked the finish and end of said conquest. England annexed the whole of Wales and the country was incorporated within the English Legal system. During the 19th century, Politics in Wales developed. Following that, there were several notable events that further increased Welsh Liberalism. In 1925, Plaid Cymru was created and in 1962 the Society of the Welsh Language was established.

The country of Wales has managed to retain a cultural identity different to Great Britain, despite sharing a close political and social history with the country. Wales is officially known as a bilingual country with over 560,00 of its population able to speak the Welsh Language. The language is spoken by the majority of some cities and towns in the north and west of the country.