Map of Vale of Glamorgan

This map of Vale of Glamorgan clearly presents this southern province of Wales and its surroundings. Because of its high quality, this map of Vale of Glamorgan makes it easy for any traveller to plan his trip and to find the quickest, most convenient route to travel to and within the province. Once you have checked into your hotel, you can take your personal car or hire a car and begin touring the province guided by the printed version of this map of Vale of Glamorgan.

This is a map of the Vale of Glamorgan. This map should be able to provide you with a general knowledge surrounding the streets, roads, motorways, landmarks and provincial/regional divides of the county borough.

Map Of Vale of Glamorgan

The Vale of Glamorgan is a county borough within the southern region of Glamorgan, in South Wales. The county is also commonly referred to by “The Vale.” In the Welsh language it translates to: Bro Morgannwg.

It is ranked 15th in terms of area, measuring a total land area of 129 square miles. (335 km squared). In terms of the county’s population, it is ranked 12th with just over 126,000. These two totals combine to give it a population density rank of 10. With every square mile holding an average of 960 people. (373 people per square km). Almost 17% of the residents living in the Vale of Glamorgan can speak, read, write, or understand the welsh language, and is ranked 17th in that regard.

The Vale of Glamorgan is known to have a vast amount of exceptionally rich agricultural areas. The coastline of the county is rugged, but the countryside is average and typical when looking at Wales as a whole. The county is known for its wide variety of tourist attractions which bring in a large number of visitors every year. Some of these attractions include: Cosmeston Medieval Village, Barry Island Pleasure Park, St Donat’s Castle, Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and the Vale of Glamorgan Railway. It is also home to one of the United World Colleges: Atlantic College.