Map of Torfaen

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Map Of Torfaen

Torfaen is one of Wales’s county boroughs, it lies within Monmouthshire’s historic boundaries. In 1974 it was officially formed as a district of another county: Gwent. In 1996 this was revoked and the area was reconstituted as a principal area. Torfaen shares its borders with the County of Monmouthshire, the City of Newport , and the county boroughs of Caerphilly and Blaenau and Gwent.

Torfaen’s area holds a population of just about 91,000. Rural, green areas as well as an extensive amount of countryside can be seen in the north of the county borough, whilst a much more urbanised area and environment can be seen around the Cwmbran new town in the south.

Pontypool is in the centre of the county borough and is Torfaen’s administrative centre. The Civic Centre conducts most of Torfaen County Borough Council’s administration. Cwmbran County Hall’s facilities are shared with the County Council of Monmouthshire.

There are some notable celebrities that come from Torfaen, such as Rachel Rice, who was a resident and trainee teacher. In 2008, she won Big Brother in the UK and received national attention. Another Wales Resident, Helen Adams from Cwmbran, came in second place in Big Brother 2001. The county has also produced an international rugby player, Mark Taylor. As well as Sean Moore, a musician.