Map of Torbay

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Torbay is part of Devon, England. It is a borough administered by the Torbay Borough Council which functions as its unitary authority. It has about 62 square kilometres of land area which spans to several towns including Paignton, Torquay and Brixham. All these towns cover a natural harbour along the English Channel.

Map Of Torbay

Exeter and Plymouth are both equidistant to where Torbay is located. Perhaps this borough owes its popularity to the wonderful tourist destination that its natural landscape has got to offer. It has a tight conurbation of several resort towns making it one of the most visited places in England. The mild climate, sandy beaches as well as the numerous recreational activities and leisure attractions that it has to offer has put this borough on the map of the travellers.

English Riviera is the name associated to Torbay because of the many amenities and beautiful landscapes and coastlines that it has to offer. Its historical margins were said to date back since the Paleolithic times with tools and human bones found in Kents Cavern of Torquay.

The economy of Torbay is characterised by agriculture and fishing but in the beginning of the 19th century, it shifted because of the development of various seaside resorts. Most of these resorts were frequently visited by the members of the Royal Navy.

It was only in 1968 when the Borough of Torbay was created because of the amalgamation of the Municipal Borough of Torquay. The Borough became the Borough of Torbay through the local government reorganisation in 1974. April 1, 1998 was the day it became a unitary authority making its leaders and its people responsible for its own growth.