Map of Thurrock

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Thurrok has a recognised borough status in essex, an English ceremonial county. It is of unitary authority. It plays a part in the London commuter belt along the redevelopment zone in Thames Gateway. Its local authority is referred to as the Thurrok Council.

Map Of Thurrock

The borough lies in the East of London just by the River Thames. With over 18 miles of riverfront covering about 64 miles, half of it is considered the Green Belt. The border of Thurrok to the west is the Greater London and the river by the south. The county of Essex borders Thurrok to the east and the north while it lies across the river of Kent.

The population of Thurrok reaches about 157,500 people living in as much as 90,500 homes. Seventy percent of the borough is covered by the Metropolitan Green Belt. About 494 acres are still available for industrial use. The borough also has seven conservation areas, 239 listed buildings and 9 scheduled

Even though most of the borough is protected by the Green Belt land, there are still a lot of opportunities for industrial and commercial development. Since it is part of the Thames Gateway, the government has identified a corridor of opportunity; thus this area has one of the greatest possibility for potential commercial developments in the thorough.