Map of Swansea

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This is a map of Swansea, a county within Wales. This map aims to give you the details surrounding any motorways, streets, roads and regional or provincial divides of the county.

Map Of Swansea

Swansea is a county within Wales. Along with the City of Swansea, the county is known as coastal. Swansea is the second largest city in Wales following Cardiff. The county is located within Glamorgan’s boundaries, Glamorgan itself is a historic county. The city and County of Swansea have a total area of 146 sq miles (378 km squared). Including the Lliw uplands and the Gower Peninsula, the county itself lies on the sandy part of Wales’s South West coast.

In a 2011 census, it was recorded that the City as well as the County of Swansea has a total population of just under 240,000. After Cardiff, it is Wales’s most populated local authority area. Swansea earned the nickname “Copperopolis” as it was one of the key centres of the copper industries during the industrial heyday of the 19th century.

The county is home to a highly regarded university: Swansea University. The campus overlooks Swansea Bay and is located in Singleton Park. Its engineering department does work on solving engineering design problems with computational techniques and is highly recognized as a centre of excellence for doing such pioneering work. The Departments of Physics has received recognition for research involving String Theory and Elementary Particle Physics at the frontiers of Theoretical Physics. In the Last inspection, many departs were award an “Excellent” including Computer Science, History, and German.