Map of Stirling

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This is a map of Stirling, a city within Scotland, this map will show you any roads, streets, motorways and regional divides in the city.

Map Of Stirling

Stirling was named in the past as Scotland’s capital. This city used to be an old borough in the bounds of Stirlingshire, Scotland. In matters of it local government, the city is in the central part of the broader Stirling Council area.

It is surrounded by huge citadels and medieval structures which are built in clustered forms. Since it is positioned near the border which is flanked by the Highlands and the Scottish Lowlands, it was viewed as tactically essential in the past, earning its label as “Gateway to the Highlands”.

Inside the castle walls are historical buildings of the Great Hall and the Renaissance Palace. Both were restored in 1999 and 2011 respectively. Its stunning splendour competed with other similar structures in Europe at some point in the same era.

The number of citizens recorded in 2008 is below 34,000, it was noted as the city in Scotland with the fewest residents. If the population of wider urban areas such as Bannockburn and Bridge of Allan were to be added, the entire Stirling council vicinity would have a total of 88,400 people under it. Small it may be, but it is still considered as the 3rd fastest growing district in terms of population growth.

With the onset of the University of Sterling in 1967, it has now grown to educate 11,544 students. It has become a centre for research, and expanded with a vast field of a science park. Appropriately called as Innovation Park, it recently welcomes 40 companies who are well into research activities and developmental projects.