Map of Southend-on-Sea

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Southend-on-Sea is a town, a unitary authority area and a sea side resort in Essex, England. The district has received its borough status. It covers the small towns of Southchurch, Chalkwell, Prittlewell, Leigh-on-Sea, North Shoebury, Thorpe Bay, Shoeburyness, Eastwood, and Westcliff-on-Sea.

Map Of Southend-On-Sea

The district is located at the north side of Thames estuary and within the Thames Gateway -- both of which are only forty miles off the east central of London. In the North, it is bordered by Rochford while the Castle Point borders it from the west. Southend-on-Sea has been the home for the leisure pier in the world. The Southend Pier is also considered the longest. The London Southend Airport can be found in 1.5 NM, a bit north of the town centre.

In the past, during the Georgian Era, the ‘south end’ of the Prittlewell village of Southend was a seaside resort. It was one of the sought after vacation spots in Southend. It was also then when flights and holidays were aplenty and affordable. The good rail connection with London has opened a lot of doors for tourism.

Since then, the borough of Southend has been a dormitory town for those who work in the city. The Southend Pier has always been the longest, most pleasurable pier at a span of 1.34 miles. It has suffered fires and ship collisions and the most recent was in October of 2005. Each time an accident happens, the pier structure is repaired every time. There are nine railway stations on two lines that open the connection between this borough and London, encouraging more tourists to come and visit.