Map of South Yorkshire

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South Yorkshire is in the Yorkshire and the Humber region of England. It is one of the metropolitan counties found in that region with a population of about 1.34 million based in a study conducted in 2011. It is basically composed of four different boroughs namely: Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

Map Of South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire was founded and established in April 1, 1974 as a product of the Local Government Act of 1972. It is located at the east side of Pennies. It is landlocked with Derbshire as its border in the west and south-west. At its north-west end lies the West Yorkshire as its boundary, while North Yorkshire is conveniently located at its north and the East Riding Yorkshire as its border line in the north-east. At the south-east, it has Nottinghamshire and the Lincolnshire at the Far East.

Sheffield Urban Area basically dominates the half of the western portion of South Yorkshire with almost half of its total population living in that area. The South Yorkshire County Council was dismantled and abolished in 1986 and the metropolitan boroughs that used to be under it now belong in one group called the unitary authority area.

The metropolitan county which is about 1,552 square kilometres continues to recognised in law. It is also often used as a geographical frame of reference. South Yorkshire, a ceremonial county is led by a Lord Lieutenant and a High Sheriff.

All 32 local districts of West Riding of Yorkshire gave birth to the South Yorkshire, the administrative county that it is today.