Map of South Gloucestershire

This map of Gloucestershire illustrates the layout of the province, its borders with other districts and the main cities of this English province. If you are travelling to England by personal car, using a car hire service, or by train, this detailed map of Gloucestershire is an essential companion. Besides this map of Gloucestershire, you should make sure you reserved rooms at a suitable hotel in advance and that you have on you at all times during your trip your passport and your travel insurance.

This is a map of South Gloucestershire, this map aims to provide you with a general understanding of any roads, streets and motorways, as well as provincial or regional divides.

Map Of South Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire is located in the South West region of England, it has the status of Unitary District and is what is known as a Ceremonial County within Gloucestershire. After the abolishment of Avon, a former county in 1996, the South Gloucestershire district was formed. It is made up by merging two former districts of Northavon and Kingswood.

Along the areas borders are both the County and City of Bristol as well as the unitary district of Bath and North East Somerset. Althoiugh the county was formally formed in 1996, it had also existed from the 1950s to the early 1980s. The total population of South Gloucestershire is approximately 250,000 people according to the 2001 census.

The majority of South Gloucestershire’s population is located within various regions of Bristol, most commonly the eastern suburbs as well as the northern suburbs. That being said, there are still a large amount of the area’s population living within several populated centres including Cotterell and Thorbury.

The area’s north western edge is formed by the River Severn, and is surrounding by wide plains on the coast. Towards the east, is the drainage area for the River Frome. Continuing east is an escarpment that runs from the north to the south and passes through many areas.

Dyrham Park’s national trust site as well as Cotswolds are also located withinb the borders of the district.