Map of South Ayrshire

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This is a map of South Ayrshire. This map aims to provide an understanding of all roads, streets, motorways, landmarks and regional and provincial divides.

Map Of South Ayrshire

South Ayrshire is one of Scotland’s 32 council areas. Its area lies on the south part of Ayrshire’s land. South Ayrshire shares borders with North Ayrshire., East Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway.

In 1996 the administrative boundaries were formed, South Ayrshire is the Kyle and Carrick district’s direct successor. A minority administration is currently being lead in South Ayrshire by the Conservative Party. Winifred is acting as the Provost and the Leader of the Council is Bill McKintosh. Wellington Square, Ayr. Is where South Ayrshire’s Headquarters (dubbed “County Buildings” are located. The buildings were opened by King George VI in 1931 and they were built on the site of Ayr Jail. The Original County building which was built in 1822, is the Ayr Sherriff Court, which now rests in front of the current headquarter buildings.

South Ayrshire is ranked 16th in population, with its total number reaching a little over 111,000 people, according to an estimate made in 2010. It is ranked 15th in regards to total area with a little over 1,200 km squared (472 square miles). The area has 8 schools within its borders, one of which is the Ayr Academy. The Ayr Academy is known for being Scotland’s second oldest, secondary school. There is also a heritage park located within the area, along with a castle (Culzean Caslte) and some notable cottages.