Map of Somerset

This is a very accurate and easy to use map of Somerset that familiarizes the traveller with the location of the province, its major cities, its capital and its surroundings. If you are planning a trip to this province, then this map of Somerset is just what you need because, used either in digital or printed format, it helps you determine your travel route, the sites to visit and gives the information you need to further look for the best hotels in the area.

Somerset is a ceremonial yet non-metropolitan county located at the South West of England. Gloucestershire and Bristol are its boundaries in the north while it has Wiltshire towards the east. In its south east border lies Dorset while South-west is bordered by Devon. The Bristol Channel runs along the north and west of Somerset along with the estuary of the Severn River.

Map Of Somerset

Its landscape is characterised by the rural rolling hills including Mendip Hills, Blackdown Hills, Exmoor National Park and Quantock Hills. A large flat of land also expands and it includes the Somerset Levels. The early evidences of settlement in Somerset dates back to the Palaeolithic times while the subsequent settlements in the area were found during the Roman as well as the Anglo-Saxon periods.

In the rise to power of King Alfred the Great became a reality because of the significant role that Somerset played during the consolidation of his power. In succeeding historical events like the English Civil War as well as the Monmouth Rebellion, the county played its role to ensure that the events are seen through successfully.

The county is known for its agricultural businesses. Farming and taking care of sheep and cattle, including wool production are just a few of the industries that keep the county economically competitive.