Map of Slough

This map of Slough, together with your travel insurance and passport, is one of the things that you should always have on you during a trip to England. This map of Slough not only gives accurate information about the major cities in the province, their surroundings and the routes that connect them, but it also helps you choose the strategic locations where to make hotel reservations and that are close to the tourist sights you want to visit. The surrounding districts are also included in detail, which makes this map of Slough the perfect companion if you want to tour this entire part of England.

The Borough of Slough is a unitary authority within the Royal Berkshire, England. It belongs to its ceremonial county. This small town is found about 20 miles west of Charing Cross. It is bisected by the Great Western Main Line and A4. Based on the 2001 census, the population of Slough was 119,070 which grew to about 140,200 in 2011.

Map Of Slough

The borough is the only area outside of London in the United Kingdom that is filled with culturally diverse people. In fact, until today, Slough is one of the boroughs with the highest number of religious adherents in England. A large part of the modern time Slough used to be referred to as the Buckinghamshire. A small part of it used to belong to Middlesex.

Slough became the home to the famous Slough Trading Estate – one of the most important business centres in South East England. It is also the largest industrial estate in England owned by a private individual. Today, it is owned and run by Segro.

Nearby towns to the south are Windsor, Maidenhead to the west, Uxbridge to the northeast and north to Beaconsfield. Buckinghamshire used to occupy most of what is now known as Slough. The amalgamation, development and expansion of the villages along the Great West Road has paved the way to the development of the borough and the industry that it houses.

Slough has expanded in terms of territory over the years creating more villages under it. The original villages that were under it have now become the suburbs of Slough including Chalvey, Cippenham, Colnbrook, Langley, Poyle, Upton, and Wexham.