Map of Shropshire

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This is a map of the county of Shropshire, this map can provide you with an accurate and detailed understanding and outlook of the roads, provincial divides landmarks and outlook of Shropshire.

Map Of Shropshire

Shropshire is known as a county, and is located within England, specifically the West Midlands. It shares borders with a number of countys, to the west of Shropshire is Wales, to the North lies Cheshire. Staffordshire can be found at the east, whilst Herefordshire resides south. Worcestershire is located south east of Shropshire.

Previously the county was ran by a county council as well as 5 individual district councils, but in April 2009, a unitary authority was created, which now covers a majority area of the county. Within Shropshire’s borders are the Telford and Wrekin boroughs, which has remained as an individual authority since its conception in 1998. Despite the individuality, it is still part of the ceremonial county.

Shrewsbury is known to be the county town of Shropshire, and is historically and culturally important is located dead in the middle of the county. Shrewsbury, as well as 4 other towns make up the majority of the county’s population and economy.

Within Shropshire is an area called the Ironbridge Gorge. Ironbridge Gorge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, It covers Ironbridge, a part of Madeley and Coalbrookdale. Aside from Ironbridge Gorge, there are other notable places of attraction around the county. There is also an area known as “The Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” which covers around a quarter of the county but mainly the south.

Shropshire has an area of just over 13 hundred Square Miles and holds a population of 470 thousand.