Map of the Shetland Islands

This map of Shetland Islands portrays the layout and the major cities of these Scottish islands. If you are planning a trip to this province, then this map of Shetland is just what you need because you can use it to plan ahead your travel route, the sites to visit, you can book a hotel in advance, plan your travel expenses and contact a travel insurance agency. To get a visual image of these islands, please see the map of Shetland below.

The Shetland Islands or popularly known as the Shetland is a subartic archipelago. It is part of Scotland that is located in the north-east of Britain. The island is about 80 kilometres to the north east of Orkney while it has a distance of 280 kilometres from Faroe Islands in the north east border. Its location is strategically located creating a part division between the North Sea border at the east and the Atlantic Ocean to its west.

Map Of Shetland Islands

Shetland has a total area of 1,400 square kilometres and in 2009, it had a total population of more than 22,000. Scotland has 32 councils and Shetland is included as one of them. The Shetland Constituency also makes up the Scottish Parliament making it one of its strongest allies.

The largest island which people popularly refer to as the Mainland has a land area of about 967 square kilometres making it the fifth largest island in terms of the British Isles. It is however considered the third largest area among the Scottish Islands. The archipelago experiences an oceanic climate because of its complex geological features, its rugged coastlines as well as its numerous rolling hills.

Its earliest historical features were attributed to its Scandinavian influences particularly that of Norway. The island only became a big part of Scotland in the 15th century. When Shetland was announced as a part of the island of the Great Britain in 1707, its trade with other countries in Europe went on a decline. Fishing, since then, became one of the strongest industries the island has and remains to be true until today.