Map Of Scotland

Scotland forms part of the United Kingdom. It is a country that occupies the third northern part of the Great Britain islands. Its boundary down south is shared with that of England while it has North Sea as its eastern boundary. The Atlantic Ocean lies at the Northern and Western part of the country while North Channel can be seen in the south-west portion of the peninsula. Apart from the mainland of Scotland, it still has about 790 separate islands which include Hebrides and the famous Northern Isles.

The country’s capital is one of the largest cities, Edinburg. It is also considered as one of the top financial centres in Europe being the centre for industries. Scottish Enlightenment in the 18th century found its home in Edinburg in the 18th century paving the way for Scotland to have an open access to the powerhouses in terms of intellectual, commercial and industrial aspects in Europe.

Map of Scotland

The largest city is Scotland, Glasgow, became one of the premier cities in Europe because it house various industries the pulled its economy up. Scottish waters makes up a large part of the North Sea and the North Atlantic. Both of these bodies of water contain one of the biggest oil reserves in the whole of Europe under the Europian Union. Because Aberdeen covers these two bodies of water, it has been names as Europe’s oil capital ever since.

The Scotland Kingdom has emerged as an sovereign independent state since 1707 and has ever since been separate from England and Wales and even North Ireland.