Map of Renfrewshire

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Nestled in the West Midland Valley, and currently borders the southern west parts of Glasgow, on the south bank of River Clyde, Renfrewshire is listed as one of the 32 council areas of Scotland. Referred to as a historic county, it is sometimes called County of Renfrew or Greater Renfrewshire.

Map Of Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire is said to be owned by the family of Renfro.  The family name, Renfro was spelled as Renfrew but later ditched the letters “ew” and replaced it with “o”. It happened when the Campbell family took down some of the castles.

Its largest town, Paisley presently serves as the administrative centre for the Renfrewshire council area which recently in 2011 came up with more awards than any other council in Scotland. This town is widely known for its weaving industry. Though it ended in 1993, the museums continue to honour its memory, giving credits to the originator of Paisley patterns.

The airport in Renfrewshire is almost always congested, which is one of the factors why it is considered as among those of the busiest transport infrastructures in Scotland. Procedures have been implemented to reduce traffic congestions such as lifting tolls on the Erskine Bridge that spans along River Clyde.

Visitors of Renfrewshire will always feel the essence of its many riveting accounts of the past. Most of the fortresses built in the medieval times continue to be found around the areas.  Tourists are mesmerised by its enthralling countryside and still get their taste of an indulging shopping experience in most streets of this county.