Map of Portsmouth

This map of the English province of Portsmouth portrays the entire region and its surroundings, providing detailed information about the major cities of this province. Because of its high quality, this map of Portsmouth makes it easy for any traveller to plan his trip and to find the quickest, most convenient route to travel to and within the province, regardless of the mean of transportation used (car hire service, personal car, train or bus). When travelling by car, bus or train, you should always have on you, along side your passport and your travel insurance papers, a printed version of this map of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth is a ceremonial county of Hampshire at the south coast of England. It is considered as the second largest city in Hampshire. It is notable for being the only island city of the United Kingdom, located right at the heart of Portsea Island. Portsmouth is specifically situated about 19 miles in the south-east of Southampton and about 64 miles in the south-west from London.

Map Of Portsmouth

Portsmouth has had one of the most major naval port providing functionality for centuries. It has become a home to worlds’ oldest dry dock. Portsmouth have also been the home to world-renowned ships which includes, amongst others, the HMS Warrior. It also houses the Tudor carrack Mary Rose and the HMS Victory Lord Nelson's flagship.

Although the county has become smaller compared to its grand land area in the past, it remains to be one of the major dockyard and base for both the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. The headquarters of both reside there. The county also thrives in the slowly growing need for commercial ferryport which serves as the key destination for both passenger and freight traffic. Pompey is the nickname that people coined to refer to both the ceremonial county of Portsmouth as well as its official Football club.

Despite its efforts to be known as one of the most industrious part of England, it remains to be considered as the most haunted place in Hampshire. Perhaps this perception is channelled from the rich history of the county. Portsmouth City has an estimated population of 207,100. Although it is a part of the South Hampshire build up area, it is considered as the largest urban area in England.