Map of Plymouth

This map of Plymouth includes all the information a traveller should know about the layout of this province, its major cities and its connections to the surrounding provinces. Based on the information this map of Plymouth provides, you can draw your route and consider which of the means of transportation available are fit to use (car hire services, train, airplane or personal car). Once you have decided on your destination you can easily find suitable hotels on the Internet or estimate your travel insurance expenses. This map can be printed and used as a site locator in your actual trip.

Plymouth is a unitary authority located at the south coast of Devon, England. It is the city situated about 190 miles south-west of London. Its strategic location in the middle of two rivers Plym as its border in the East and Tamar, its borderline river in the west has made it one of the most desirable places in England. Both these rivers are joined together by the Plymouth Sound.

Map Of Plymouth

The history of settlement in Plymouth goes back to the Bronze Age when the first people were found to be residing in Mount Batten. The area used to serve as a training post until it outgrew that and transformed into the prosperous village that it is today. It used to be called Sutton but alongside its progress came the change in its name – Plymouth. The Pilgrim fathers of Plymouth left in 1620 hoping to conquer the New World. Today, they are known to be the second largest English Settlement in the US.

The Industrial Revolution has paved the way for Plymouth to become one of the established commercial ports in England. It handles not only passengers but imported products too. While Plymouth became a commercial port, its neighbouring area, Devonport, grew to be the home to the ships of the Royal Army and the Royal Naval dockyard and ship building.

In 1914, three different towns were merged to give way to one unitary borough. The bunch included Plymouth, the urban districts of East Stonehouse and the borough of Devonport. The new merging took the name of Plymouth with received its city status as early as 1928.