Map of Peterborough

This is a very accurate and easy to use map of Peterborough that familiarizes the traveller with the location of the province, its neighbouring regions, its capital and its boundaries. Using the administrative information gathered by studying this map of Peterborough, you can plan the logistical aspects of your travel such as hotel reservations, travel insurance issues and means of transportation to use (personal car or car hire service, train or airplane). The surrounding districts are also included in detail, which makes this map of Peterborough the perfect companion if you want to tour this entire part of England.

This is a map of the city of Peterborough. This map should provide you with full details of roads, motorways, provincial divides and landmarks of the city.

Map Of Peterborough

Peterborough is known as a Unitary Authority Area and a Cathedral City located in the East of England. Although it acts on its own accord, for ceremonial purposes it still belongs to Cambridgeshire, another county in England.

Peterborough has a large amount of flat or low lying land within its 132 square miles of area (348 square km) and some parts of the county are below sea level. The county has a population of just over 180 thousand. This means it has a total density of 1390 people per square mile.

It is known that humans were first settled in the area around the time of the Bronze Age, which can be proved by the archaeological site at Flag Fen which shows evidence of this along with that of the Roman occupation. Around the time of the Anglo-Saxon’s, a monastery was established on the site of the current Peterborough Cathedral.

In the late 1800's, after the arrival of railways the population boomed rapidly. Peterborough then became what is known as an industrial centre and was noted particularly for its brick manufacturing.

The Fens is the name of an area to the east of Peterborough. An outlying military installation of RAF wittering is held within The City of Peterborough, which is a unitary authority. On its borders lies 4 counties: Rutland to the west, Cambridgeshire to the south and east, Lincolnshire to the north and Northamptonshire to the west.