Map of Pembrokeshire

This map of Pembrokeshire portrays the entire region and its surroundings, providing detailed information about the major cities of this English province. Before you embark on a trip to Wales you should always check if the essential items, such as your traveller’s checks, travel insurance, passport and the map of Pembrokeshire are packed. Having this map of Pembrokeshire in front of you, it’s easy to draw your route and choose cities along your way where to make hotel reservations.

This map of Pembrokeshire aims to provide you with details surrounding the motorways, streets, roads, landmarks and regional divides as well as provincial divides.

Map Of Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is a county in the south west area of Wales. The county shares borders with Ceredigion to the North East and Carmarthenshire to the east. Haverfordwest, is home to Pembrokeshire’s County Council headquarters. Haverfordwest is also the county town of Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire is ranked 5th in regards to total area, measuring in at 1590 km squared. The county is ranked 13th in population with just over 120,000 residents. In terms of population density, it is ranked 19th, with 74 people per 1 km squared. 29.4% of the residents in Pembrokeshire can speak, write, understand or read the Welsh Language.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is located within Pembrokeshire. In the United Kingdom, this coastal national park is the only one of its kind. The only other two national parks in Wales are the Brecon Beacons National park and the Snowdonia national park.

41 Blue Flag Awards have been awarded to Pembrokeshire’s beaches. With 13 being awarded in one year, 2011. They have also received a large number of Seaside Awards (31 in 2011, 106 in total) and Green Coast Awards (15 in 2011, 47 in total). The Marine Conservation Society had recommended a total of 39 beaches in the year 2011 alone.

For many centuries, the English language and culture has been in much of Pembrokeshire. The Landsker Line is the name given to the boundary between the Welsh and England speakers. Little England beyond Wales is the name commonly given to Pembrokeshire.