Map of Omagh

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This is a map of Omagh. Details surrounding any roads, streets, motorways and landmarks, as well as regional and provincial divides can be found on this map.

Map Of Omagh

Omagh is a town within Northern Ireland. Specifically, Omagh is County Tyrone’s county town. In Irish, the name is an Ómaigh and translates to “The Virgin Plain”. The town lies on the area where the river Strule is formed by rivers Camowen and Drumragh. Omagh’s district is the largest in County Tyrone, according to a 2011 Census, the total population is just over 50,000 people. The Western Education and Library Board as well as the Omagh District Council headquarters are located within Omagh.

On top of being the location of the lowest recorded temperature within the whole of Ireland (at -19 degrees Celsius, the town has a history of major floods, most notably in the years: 1969, 1987, 1999 as well as a more recent one in 2007.

The main retail centre for the County of Tyrone is Omagh. Within the town there are many areas that have been deemed undevelopable and have in turn been transformed into parks. There are over 20 parks in the area, with many having leisure centres, cycling paths and other activities.

Some of the most popular attractions in Omagh are parks, due to aa majority of the land being used for these. A park that doubles as an open air museum, The Ulster American Folk Park, is located near Omagh and is one of the main notable attractions.

Another park is the Gortin Glens Forest Park, within the area there are many waterfalls, lakes and even a deer enclosure.