Map of Nottinghamshire

The map of Nottinghamshire is a perfect source of information if you are planning a trip to this English county. This map of Nottinghamshire illustrates the location of the province, its major cities, its capital, its boundaries and its connections with the surrounding districts. If you know a lot about your destination and its surroundings, then it is easy to find the appropriate hotel or an affordable car hire service. The data provided by this map of Nottinghamshire can also help you calculate your travel insurance costs.

Nottinghamshire is located in the East Midland region of England and has county status. South Yorkshire lies north-west, to the East lies Lincolnshire and South to Leicestershire, and to the West is Derbyshire. Nottingham is the county town traditionally, though in West Bridgford in the Rushcliffe borough is where the county council is based and located. Its office is facing the River Trent in Nottingham.

Map Of Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire is divided into seven different districts namely: Mansfield, Newark and Sherwood, Ashfield, Bassetlaw, Broxtowe, Gedling, and Rushcliffe. Between 1974 and 1998, the city of Nottingham was a part of the administration of Nottinghamshire; however, it is now considered a unitary authority and the rest of Nottinghamshire is kept for ceremonial purposes.

In 2006, the Nottinghamshire County has an estimated population of about a little over one million. Half of the total population lives in Greater Nottingham conurbation. This continues into Derbyshire. This particular conurbation has an estimated population of about 650,000 and almost half of this population lives within the boundaries of the city.

Nottinghamshire has an extensive coal reserve of about 900 metres thick. They can be found at the northern part of the county. Near Earking, there is an oilfield. The other parts of the country particularly in the west are largely overlaid with sandstones and limestones while the east remains to have a good supply of clay.

The centre and the south-west of the country feature the Sherwood forests with its ancient oak woodland. Nottinghamshire is sheltered by good weather all throughout the year.