Map of Nottingham

As you can see below, this map of Nottingham presents the capital and the surrounding regions of this district. Because of its high quality, this map of Nottingham makes it easy for any traveller to plan his trip and to find the quickest, most convenient route to travel to and within the province, regardless of the mean of transportation used (car hire service, personal car, train or bus). A printed version of this map of Nottingham is easy to use and you can fold it and keep it in your wallet, together with your traveller’s cheques and your travel insurance papers.

Nottingham, a unitary authority, is a city found in England, Middle Eastern part of the region. It is a part of Nottinghamshire, the ceremonial county. This town became very popular because of the story of Robin Hood that it is often linked to.

Map Of Nottingham

Industrial Revolution paved a way for a lot of changes to take place that it also became known world-wide for the success of its lace industry, tobacco as well as its bicycle industry. Its origins can be traced in 600 AD but Nottingham was recognised as a city charter in 1897 during the Diamond Jubilee celebration. Since then, it became known as the Nottingham City.

Nottingham has become the city where the offices of East Midlands BBC as well as the government offices for the East Midlands. It also takes part as a member of the English Core Cities Group. Nottingham because of its relatively small population of 305,700 has built a reputation of being tightly-drawn and traditional.

The Nottingham Urban Area has an estimated population of 729,997 which has won it the 9th spot as the largest urban area in the whole of United Kingdom. Apart from that, it has also been a city that people love to visit because of the famous venues and institutions. The long list includes the Ice Centre, Test cricket ground known all over the world, the National Water Sports Centre, two professional English Football League teams, and the cricket sides.

More than that, there are about 58,000 students who attend the two largest universities in the county names the University of Nottingham Trent and University of Nottingham. This number shows that the two universities have the biggest student population to the city. Its location in the heart of England has given it transport stations to the rest of the United Kingdom if not the world.