Map Of Northumberland

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Northumberland is the northernmost county in England, but falls under the northeast when referring to its region, the north of Northumberland shares a border with Scotland and the east has a coast line leading into the North Sea. It has a low population with only a little over 300,000 people; it’s regarded as one of the most sparsely populated regions in England, with only 62 people per square kilometre.

Map Of Northumberland

Northumberland once belonged to the Roman Empire, giving it a huge history of wars and battles. As evidence of this, Northumberland has more castles than any other region.

Northumberland used to be home to a large amount of coal mines, because of this, the area was a top contributor to the success of the industrial revolution, despite the success they have since been closed down.

The region is now gaining traction in the tourism business, as its home to not only an excess amount of historical significance, but holds large areas of scenic beauties. It’s North Sea Coastline has been named an Area Of Astounding Natural Beauty, designated by a part of the government, this means that the area will continue to be conserved and enhanced for everyone to enjoy.