Map Of Northern Ireland

This is a map of Northern Ireland. This map will provide you with an understanding of the country, as well as a basic knowledge of the roads, regional and provincial divides and landmarks of the country.

Northern Ireland is a country that is a part of the United Kingdom. It is situated on the north-east of Ireland, but is often known as a country, province or region of the UK. The country shares borders with the Republic of Ireland, and makes up around 30% of the island’s total population, with a population of around 1,800,000.

Map of Northern Ireland

In 1998 the Good Friday Agreement was signed and has been a largely self-governing country since. The agreement states that Northern Ireland can co-operate with the rest of Ireland on the majority of policies but some areas must stay reserved for the United Kingdom’s Government. In 1921, by an act of the British Parliament, Ireland was partitioned between Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland, thus creating Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland views on the United Kingdom differed. Southern Ireland, which, in 1922 would become the Irish Free State, wanted to become separate from the UK. Whilst Northern Ireland wished to remain a part of it.

There was still opposing groups in Northern Ireland, most of the population who wanted to stay under British rule were Protestant, and were the descendants of colonists from Great Britain. There was also a minority who wanted a united Ireland that would not be ruled by Great Britain. This is still shown in Modern times, those who fall into the former group will usually refer to themselves as British, and those in the latter calling themselves Irish.