Map of North Yorkshire

By consulting the map of North Yorkshire, you can plan in advance your trip to this beautiful English province. Having all the administrative information provided by this map of North Yorkshire, it is easy to plan your travel-related aspects as hotel booking, renting a car using a car hire agency in the area or calculating your overall expenses. During your actual trip, it would be useful to pack a printed version of this map of North Yorkshire and keep it at hand to help you orientate within this vast province.

North Yorkshire is one of the famous counties in England. It is considered as one of the shire counties or more popularly known as a non-metropolitan area in the region of Yorkshire and the Humber of England. It is also known for being a ceremonial county in the North East of England.

Map Of Redcar And Cleveland

The Act of the Local Government Act in 1972 created North Yorkshire with a land area of 8,654 sq km which practically makes it the largest ceremonial county in England. Most of the land area of this county is covered by National parks which includes majority of Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors.

York is the biggest city in the North Yorkshire county. The biggest towns in terms of land area are Scarborough, Middlesbrough, and Harrogate. The county, on the other hand, is solely Northallerton.

The areas covered by the shire county are further divided into different local government districts. There are basically seven different divisions namely Craven, Harrogate, Hambleton, Richmondshire, Scarborough, Ryedale, and Selby.

Although there have been plans of abolishing these seven different district councils to come up with one unitary authority, it was rejected upon its presentation to the public in 2007. Since then until today, the seven district councils remain to be at power and the political structure of North Yorkshire remained the same.

The administrative county with the largest settlement is Harrogate while in terms of ceremonial county, it is York. Along with Middlesbrough, Cleveland, and Redclar, York takes part in the ceremonial county for various political and social functions.

What is unique for this county is that it splits Stockton-on-Tees with Country Durham for a purpose. The landscape of the area clearly reflects the kind of rich ecological system that they have. The national parks in the area have found their home in the hills of North Yorkshire, making its environment truly reach.