Map Of North Lincolnshire

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This is a map of North Lincolnshire. This map will be able to provide you with a detailed understanding of any roads, streets, villages, towns, motorways and regional or provincial divides.

Map Of North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire is an area in England, specifically the Yorkshire and the Humber region. It has the status of Unitary Authority Area and is also regarded to be a part of Lincolnshire for ceremonial reasons. Brigg, Barton-upon-Humer and Scunthorpe are the three notably significant towns within the area. Scunthorpe also acts as North Lincolnshire’s administrative centre.

The traditional event known as Haxey Hood is taken place within North Lincolnshire. On the 6th of January, usually in the afternoon within Haxey, a large group of people form a Rugby type of scrum and push a leather tube (which goes by the name of the hood) towards one of four pubs. The hood then remains at that pub until the next year.

The North Lincolnshire land totals to approximately 850 square kilometres. (330 square miles) The land within the borders is mainly agricultural and the district resides on the southern region of Humber Estuary. It shares borders with all other Lincolnshire districts (North East, Lincolnshire and South.) as well as Yorkshire’s east riding and Nottinghamshire. Scunthorpe’s Civil Centre holds the council’s administrative base.

Prior to 1974, before Humberside was created. North Lincolnshire was wholly a part of Lincolnshire, and only separated in 1996 following Humberside’s abolishment. Prior to April 1996, the area was in the territory of Humberside and was known to be a part of it.