Map of North Lanarkshire

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This is a map of the county of Lanarkshire. This map aims to provide you with full details surrounding information on the roads, streets, regional divides and provincial divides of the county.

Map Of North Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire, otherwise known as the County of Lanark is a county within the “Lowlands” region of Scotland.

Lanarkshire is a registration county, a Lieutenancy area, and is a former local government county. Lanarkshire was formerly one of the most populous counties in Scotland, and historically had much larger and further reaching boundaries, which included its neighbouring county, Renfrewshire. Historically, the county was divided into two administrative areas, this was the case until it was further divided again into three wards in the mid-18th century. These wards consisted of the upper, middle and lower, each having an administrative centre: Lanark, Hamilton and Glasgow. The county’s layout remained this way until 1889’s Local Government Act. Some of the more notable settlements in Lanarkshire include: Motherwell, Airdrie, East Kilbride, Wish, Coatbridge, Cambuslang, Cumbernauld and Blantyre.

Lanarkshire holds a total area of just over: 2,323 km squared (898 square miles). In August 2011, Lanarkshire was the host to the International Children’s Games. Coaches, Administrators and delegates amassed from 77 cities, representing 33 countries worldwide to attend and made up a total of 1,300 competitors.

Lanarkshire’s county council was abolished in 1975, with the larger Strathclyde region absorbing the area. In 1996, the region of Strathclyde was divided into new Council Areas. North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire’s council areas occupy the old area of Lanarkshire.