Map of North East Lincolnshire

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This is a map of North East Lincolnshire. This map will be able to provide you with a general understanding of the surrounding areas, as well as any roads, streets, landmarks, towns, villages, capitals and regional or provincial divides.

Map Of North East Lincolnshire

North East Lincolnshire is an area within England. Specifically it resides within the borders of Yorkshire and Humber, and is known as a unitary Authority. The area shares borders with North Lincolnshire’s unitary authority as well as Lincolnshire’s administrative county. Together the three individual administrative units make up Lincolnshire’s ceremonial county.

The area was historically a part of the Lindsey Kingdom, although the name had not yet been given to it. Prior to 1996, the area was property of two boroughs: Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes. After the Abolishment of Humberside, the two boroughs merged and created the North East Lincolnshire region.

The total area of the region spans some 75 square miles (191 km squared) which gives it the rank of 171 in that regard. In terms of population, there are just under 160,000 people living in North East Lincolnshire giving it a rank of 112. Combining these two measurements gives a total population density of around 2,200 people per square mile, or 830 per square kilometre.

The northern region of North East Lincolnshire is majorly made up by flat land, and the whole area is dotted with various towns and villages. There is also a good number of attractions within the area and a high number of schools and educational services.