Map of North Down

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This is a map of county down. Details surrounding any roads, streets, landmarks, motorways and regional and provincial divides can be found on this map. On top of that, we hope to provide you with some general knowledge about the area.

Map Of North Down

County Down is a county within Northern Ireland. Specifically, County Down, as well as five other counties form Northern Ireland. It is located at the North-East region of Ireland.

County Down has a total area that exceed 2,400 kilometres squared by just under 50 metres. According to a 2001 census, the county had a population of just over 530,000 people, ranking it at number 3 in that regard. In addition to being one of the 6 counties within Northern Ireland, it is one of the traditional counties of the whole island of Ireland along with 31 others. The total area that County Down holds is 945 miles squared. (2,445 kilometres squared.) This size places it 12th in terms of area.

County Down’s largest town is Bangor, which is situated on the coast in the north east. Lisburn, Belfast and Newry are three other notably large town that reside in, or on the county’s borders. Both the easternmost point within Ireland, which is known as Burr Point, as well as the southernmost point in Northern Ireland are both located in County Down.

Currently, within the whole of Ireland, it is one of two counties that have a population where the majority of residents come from a Protestant background. The other county with this record is County Antrim.