Map of North Ayrshire

This map of North Ayrshire illustrates the layout of the province, its borders with other districts and the main cities of this Scottish province. After checking in at a hotel, you can take a drive around the district using the car you previously rented from a local car hire service and, guided by this map of North Ayrshire, begin exploring the region. Using this map of North Ayrshire, you don’t have to limit your travels to this county because the surrounding regions are also depicted in detail.

This is a map of Ayrshire which aims to show you any roads, streets, motorways or regional divides in the county.

Map Of North Ayrshire

Ayrshire is a county within the south-west of Scotland, and can be located on the Firth of Clyde’s shores. Ayrshire is known as a registration county, whose principal towns include Kilmarnock, Irvine and Ayr.
Ayrshire has a population of approximately 366,800, with an area total of just under 3000 km squared (1,138 square miles).

The Open Championship, which is one of the four biggest golf championships in the UK, was hosted twice in the town of Troon in the last seven years alone. In total, Troon has hosted The Open Championship 8 times. Around 200,000 people visited Troon during the 2004 Open Championship.

Ayrshire is one of Scotland’s most agriculturally fertile regions. Using seaweed-based fertiliser, potatoes are grown near the coast in fields. Ayrshire also produce pork products, cattle, root vegetables. Strawberries and other summer berries are grown in abundance. Dumfires and Galloway (two other areas in Scotland) share the Galloway Hills with Ayrshire, which are known to be “wonderful rugged hill country.”

The area to which Ayrshire belongs was once heavily industrialised. Steel Making and Coal mining are two notable examples. Examples of production-line manufacturing can be found in Kilmarnock, with one of the most famous manufacturing lines being Johnnie Walker whisky.

Although there are a large number of manufacturing plants and various industries within the county, such as a Digital Equipment manufacturing plant or a cluster of aviation companies on a site in Prestwick, the unemployment rates in the region still remain high and lie above the national average.