Map of Norfolk

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This is a map of the County of Norfolk, providing intricate details of any road, street and landmarks.

Map Of Norfolk

Norfolk is a county in the East of England. It is a fairly flat and low lying county which shares its borders with Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk and the North Sea.

Norfolk’s county town is Norwich, which is known as a ceremonial county as is the 5th largest of its kind, with an area of just over 5300 km squared (2000 Square Miles).

Norfolk is the 7th most populous county out of 34 “non-metropolitan counties”. It has a population of just under 860 thousand. Although it has a fairly high population, the county itself has a low population density as Norfolk is made up of a large amount of rural land, it equates to about 155 people per square km. (401 people per square mile.) This low amount of population density ranks it the 10th lowest in that category. 40% of Norfolk’s population live in the four majorly built up areas. Thetford with 25,000 people. King’s Lynn with 46,000. Great Yarmouth with 63,000. Norwich with 213,000.

Within Norfolk is an area known as The Broads. Which is a notable web of rivers and lakes and sits towards the east coast of the county and extends further south, into Suffolk. The Broads has National Park status and the Broads Authority protects it. There are many historical sites, such as the castle and the remaining walls in the centre of Norwich, all of which contribute to tourism.