Map of Newry and Mourne

As you can see below, this map of Newry and Mourne presents the capital and the surrounding regions of this district. Planning your trip, finding a good hotel or a car hire service, all become very easy when you have in mind the accurate picture of this Northern Ireland province, provided by this map of Newry and Mourne. When on vacation, you should keep all the important documents (passport, travel insurance papers, traveller’s cheques and this map of Newry and Mourne, of course) on you at all times.

This is a map of Newry and Mourne. On this map you can find the details of any roads, streets and motorways as well as provincial divides within the area.

Map Of Newry and Mourne

The area holds a population of around 90,000 people. The only city in the area - Newry - is where the council headquarters are located. Newry has a total population of just above 28,800 people. Some notable towns in the area include Bessbrook, Crossmaglen and Warrenpoint.

Newry Itself has city status as well as townland status. The city holds part of the River Clanrye, which is known for forming a border between the historic counties: County Down and County Armagh.

Newry is without a doubt one of Ireland’s oldest towns and is believed to be founded in 1144, although there is no official story as to why or how the town was developed. The town was granted the status of City in 2002 during the celebration of the Golden Jubilee. It is not the fourth largest settlement within Northern Ireland despite it being the fourth largest city.

Also located within the local council area is the Mourne Mountains. Which are known to be home to the biggest mountains in Northern Ireland. The area is mainly a granite mountain range. The highest mountain that can be found here is 850 metres high and is known by the name of Slieve Donard.