Map of Newport

This is a very accurate and easy to use map of Newport that familiarizes the traveller with the location of the province, its major cities, its capital and its boundaries. Using this map of Newport you can take care of your travel-related issues (hotel reservations, travel insurance, airplane tickets) ahead of your trip. If you want to have a better image of this Wales province, please see the map of Newport.

This is a map of Newport. This map aims to provide you with a general knowledge surrounding the roads, motorways, landmarks and provincial divides of the city.

Map Of Newport

The decision to call it Monmouthshire instead of Monmouth created an issue. The MP for Torfaen, Paul Murphy strongly disagreed with it, whereby it was backed up by Roger Evans, MP for Monmouth.

Newport is a city in Wales. More specifically, it is known as a cathedral city, a university city and a unitary authority. It is located in the South East of Wales. According to the 2011 census, Newport is Wales’s 3rd largest city, with a total population of just under 150,000 people and an urban population of double that figure.

The Cardiff-Newport area is formed partly by Newport and together they have a population of just under 1,100,000 people. The total area of the city measures at 70 square miles (190 kilometres squared).

Wales’s largest coal exporting port was formally Newport, this was until Cardiff’s growth in the 1850s. It’s noted for being the site of an armed insurrection in Britain in 1839, led by the Chartists under the name of the Newport Rising. It was the last large-scale armed insurrection.

The University of South Wales is located in Newport and is one of the 10 largest campus universities in the UK. A Castle was built in the area by the Normans in medieval times, since then onwards Newport has been a port. In 1214 it gained its first charter, after outgrowing Caerleon, which was a town built earlier by the Romans. Newport has remained as an important engineering and manufacturing centre, despite the citys docks declining in importance during the 20th century. The 2010 Ryder Cup was hosted by Newport.