Map of Moyle

The district of Moyle, located on the shores of the North Channel is a popular tourist attraction. If you want to experience the wild and beautiful landscape of this region, this map of Moyle is an essential tool. By consulting this map of Moyle you will learn about the location of the most important cities, their surroundings and the borders of the province. If you are travelling by car (personal or rented from a car hire service), you can use this map of Moyle to draw the route from the starting point of your trip to your destination or to the city where you made your hotel arrangements. If you are travelling from abroad, be sure you have on you your travel insurance and identification papers.

This is a map of Moyle District Council. This map should be able to provide you with full details surrounding any streets, roads, motorways, landmarks and regional or provincial divides.

Map Of Moyle

Moyle District is a Local Council in Northern Ireland. It is located in County Antrim, which is in the north east area. The Local Council holds a population of just over 17,000 people according to a 2011 census, which, after the Isles of Scilly is the lowest population out of all the principal local authority areas in the United Kingdom.
Along with 42 miles of coastline, the area has around 190 square miles of land, most of which is made up of rural land.

Due to its small population, a new council by the name of Dalriada was recommended to be made in 1991. It would consist of the Ballymoney Council and Moyle District Council, the two being merged to create Dalriada. Both councils strongle opposed this however, a public enquiry was held and eventually led to the plans being shelved, leaving all the counties preserved.

A world Heritage Site: the Giant’s Causeway, as well as Rathlin Island (which lies around 7 miles off Ballycastle) and the Glens of Antrim are the three most known features within Northern Ireland. All of which are located in Moyle District, making it a popular spot for tourists.

Ballycastle is home to the council headquarters. The town of Bushmills is within the area, and is known for its Irish Whiskey “Bushmills” which is made in the world’s oldest licensed distillery (Established in 1608).