Map of Moray

This map of Moray clearly defines the boundaries of the province and the major cities. This map of Moray is essential if you want to travel to England and, together with your travel insurance and your hotel reservation is a key element to a pleasurable and safe vacation. Using this map of Moray helps you enjoy a carefree vacation in this beautiful Scottish county.

Moray is a council area of Scotland. It is located at the north-eastern part of the county with the Moray Firth coastline. Aberdeenshire and Highland are its council area borders. It was in 1975 when the Moray Local Government was established. These local government districts are given the chance to directly elect their leaders. Such process makes Moray a part of the two-tier local government system.

Map Of Moray

The Local Government Act of 1973 paved the way for the formation of the local districts and regions. However, in 1994, this local act was superseded because of the unitary councils in the area. The council has an estimated total area of 2,200 square kilometres. Since 2010, it has an estimated population of more than 87,000.

Although the area has been inhabited since its formation, it remains to be one of the best areas where proper recycling of garbage is done. Among all the local Scottish authorities, this is one of those that made a good plan on how to deal with their garbage and actually works on it. The households and the rest of the community benefit from the recycling plan of the local authorities making it one of the cleaner council areas in Scotland.

In 2003, the working population of Moray has reached about 40,000. Six thousand residents of which are self-employed while the rest work for the various industries in the area. This council area basically thrives in the drinks and food industries like distilling, biscuit manufacturing as well as canned food production. Other significant areas that make Moray one of the leading places to live in are forest products, textiles and even metal working.