Map of Monmouthshire

The map of Monmouthshire provides the traveller with great information about the capital and major cities of this province. You can use this map of Monmouthshire to set your travel route and select the cities where you want to stay. After deciding upon the major points of interest, you can make online hotel reservations, sign your travel insurance policy and book plane tickets or find a car hire agency, depending on your preferred way of transportation. This map of Monmouthshire helps you orientate within the province and explore its surroundings.

Located at the corner edge of south east Wales, Monmouthshire is a historic county which for three hundred years (ended in 1830) was administratively part of England. In 1974, it was taken in by the county of Gwent.  It was re-established in 1996 with lesser boundaries. At this time, Gwent no longer serves as its administrative centre, but it still continues to use this name for some traditional and honourable labels. This well explains why Monmouthshire is sometimes still referred to as “Gwent”. Institutions such as Gwent Police and Royal Gwent Hospital chose to retain their old names.

Map Of Monmouthshire

The decision to call it Monmouthshire instead of Monmouth created an issue. The MP for Torfaen, Paul Murphy strongly disagreed with it, whereby it was backed up by Roger Evans, MP for Monmouth.

In 2011 population census, it was reportedly filled with 91,300 inhabitants. The largest among its towns is called Abergavenny, which focuses mainly on raising cattle and sheep. It regularly holds auction sales of livestock which is managed under the supervision of Abergavenny Market Auctioneers Ltd,

Monmouthshire is widely known for its extensive, breath taking sceneries of farmlands with its drove of livestock that remains to be the major source of livelihood. Its towns are surrounded by castles that existed way beyond the medieval era or within those times. It inevitably captures anyone’s interest as each fortress has its own enchanting tale to tell. Visiting this place, one should get acquainted with the Black Mountains and discover how its own people interestingly describes it.