Map of Midlothian

This map of Midlothian clearly presents this picturesque province of Scotland and its surroundings so that the traveller can easily organize his trip or locate his travel interest. You can use this map of Midlothian to help you get to the location where you reserved hotel rooms and to make your explorations of the region as safe and pleasurable as possible. Please see the map of Midlothian below for further information.

This is a map of Midlothian. This map should show you the details surrounding roads, provincial divides, streets and landmarks.

Map Of Midlothian

Midlothian is a county within Scotland. It is a registration county and is also known as a lieutenancy area. The county is also one of Scotland’s 32 council areas and borders the city of Edinburgh. Midlothian ranks 21st in regards to its total area, with a land mass that measures in at 354km squared (137 square miles). The county is also ranked 27th in terms of its population. According to a 2010 estimate, the county holds just over 81,000 people.