Map of Middlesbrough

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This is the map of Middlesbrough, a town in North East England. This map can show you the landmarks and the must visit areas in Middlesbrough.

Map Of Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough, found in 1830, is located in the North East of England by the south bank of the River Tees. It is situated within the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire with a local unitary authority referred to as the Middlesbrough Borough Council.

It has a total area of 20.80 sq mi and a total population of 138,400. From the early 1889 up to its change in recognition, Middlesbrough was considered a Yorkshire county borough. However in 1968, it was recognised as the centre of the Teeside County Borough. In 1974, Middlesborough was absorbed by Cleveland, a county in England. However, Middlesbrough in 1996 recognised as a unitary authority in the ceremonial country of North Yorkshire as Cleveland was abolished.

In 1830, Middlesbrough has chosen a Latin term “Erimus” which means “We shall be” as it signifies their will to grow as a town. In 1801, Middlesbrough only had a population of 25 people from four different farm houses. Yet in the latter half of the 19th century, it started to undergo rapid growth.

The different wards, suburbs and districts in Middlesbrough include Gresham, Marton West and Nunthrope to name a few. Middlesbrough thrives in its farming and coal industries. Today, its business and industry is dominated by various chemical industries. Since its industrialisation, it was able to establish engineering based manufacturing and engineering industries.