Map of Londonderry

Because the only major airport in the area is located in the capital of this province, most of the tourists that travel from abroad have to pass trough Londonderry in order to get to their destinations. If you are just transiting this province or this is the chosen destination for your trip, this map of Londonderry should be in your wallet at all times, together with your travel insurance, credit card, hotel reservation recites and identification papers. This map of Londonderry illustrates the location of the province, its major cities, its capital, its boundaries and its connections with the surrounding districts, serving as a great site locator especially if you are travelling by car (personal or rented from a car hire agency).

This is a map of the city of Derry, which aims to provide you with a basic understanding of any roads, streets, landmarks, motorways or regional divides within the area.

Map Of Londonderry

Derry, which is officially known as Londonderry, is Northern Ireland’s second largest city. Within the whole of Ireland, it is the fourth largest city. Although Londonderry is technically the official name for the city and is the legal name, Derry is the most commonly used name. Prior to 1613, the city was only known as Derry. It was in that year that King James had granted a Royal Charter to the land. This caused a “London” prefix to be added creating the name of Londonderry.

The area surrounding about 20 miles of the city, known as the Greater Derry area comprises of a population of just over 237,000 people. The North West of Ireland’s de facto capital is the city of Derry, the counties of Tyrone, Londonderry and Donegal are all included in this. Together they make up a population of around 586,246 people.

Saint Colmcille, who was a holy man hailing from Tir Chonaill, is traditionally known as the founder of the city. Tir Chonaill is the old known for County Donegal. The borders of Derry are still shared with County Donegal and they have supported a close link for a long time. In July 2010, the city of Derry had been awarded the title of UK City of Culture, in 2013 it became the inaugural UK City of Culture.