Map of Lisburn

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Map Of Lisburn

Lisburn is one of Northern Ireland’s cities. It lies on the River Lagan and is situated southwest of Belfast. The River lagan separates County Down and County Antrim. A part of the Belfast metropolitan area is made up by Lisburn. At the time of the 2001 census, Lisburn’s population was recorded to be just over 71,000 people, in correlation with its total area, it has a population density of 243 people per kilometre squared. The population of the council area is 114,000 people, which gives it the title of second largest council district, following Belfast.

Lisburn was not a city until 2002 and was formerly known as a borough. The celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee was the time when Lisburn was given the status of “City”. Within Northern Ireland, it is the third largest city. Within the whole island of Ireland, it is the 6th biggest.

Lisburn is a town that has become famous for its shopping district. There are over 70 stores in the Bow Street Mall, located on Bow Street. It also has many restaurants as well as a food court and a car park which holds over 1000 cars. The number of locally owned independent stores are high within the city centre, and there are also a high number of nationally famous store chains. There is an outdoor shopping centre, off of Bow Street known as Lisburn Square.