Map of Leicester

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This is a map Of Leicester which aims to provide you details of roads, streets, motorways and basic knowledge of the city.

Map Of Leicester

The city of Leicester is located within the East Midlands region of England. Leicester is the county town of Leicestershire. The city itself lies at the edge of the national forest and along the River Soar. In 2011, it was recorded to have a population of 330,000 which is the largest in the region. 480,000 live in the larger Leicester Urban Area. This ranks Leicester as the Tenth largest city in the UK and the 1t4th largest urban area.

Leicester holds this population within just 73.32 square km (28.31 square miles). Leicester is also home to the highest population of ethnic minorities in terms of its size. Specifically those of South Asian origin, which is a product of immigration the UK since the Second World War. Due to the high number of the ethnic minority, there are various places of worship and the Melton Road district has become a popular location for Asian restaurants and other small businesses. The city is also known as a centre of higher education, as it holds both the De Montfort University and the University of Leicester.

Leicester is also famous for preserving a large part of its history. It is noted that a great amount of Ancient Roman pavements and baths remain preserved in Leicester, which originate from a Roman military outpost that was once settled in the area.

Leicestershire has become a notable commercial and manufacturing centre. It provides almost a quarter of the region’s GDP (£11 billion) and provides jobs for over 400,000 people.